Americans Against Foreclosures ( AAF ) was created in 2008 to help Home Owners across the United States save their homes from foreclosure and eviction. We are working around the clock to help all Americans stay in their homes.

We are set up as a non profit, are in the process of registering as a 501(c)(3), and are in need of funds to pay all the fees required.

We offer our Members different options to join us, and enjoy the reduced rates our Membership offers them. The first cost would be a nominal $50.00 donation to join us, and become an active AAF Member. This gives you the right to publish that you are now a Member in good standing at AAF.

Next, we offer you the possibility of becoming a Licensed AAF Agent, and be able to offer those interested who you know would benefit from AAF, to join us too under your supervision.

Our first action when you become a Member is to find out who is attempting to foreclose on your home, and why they claim they have any interest in your loan. This is a very difficult thing to do since the Banks/Lenders/Servicers have created layers upon layers of filters so that you never find out who the true real party in interest is. They allege it is a Trust, and they only act as Trustees for this alleged Trust. We would quote you the cost to carry out a forensic audit on a case by cases basis if required.

We are now in the position to send out Qualified Written Requests ( QWR ), file Complaints, Adversary Proceedings, and for Bankruptcy protection if you need to. The cost would also be quoted to you on a case by case basis since no two cases are alike.

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