Business Information.

Are you thinking of getting into business and creating a new Company? We can help you.

In our Organization we count on Agents, Attorneys, Accountants, Auditors, and Consultants who can help you legally create and start up your new company in the United States.

It is quite simple actually, and for $50.00 you can fill out an application on the internet and start the process. Depending on the products and/or services you are ofering and selling, you will have to decide the type of company you want to set up, either an owned and operated self-proprietorship, a limited liability company with partners, or a complete corporation. You will also have to decide if it will be a non-profit or just a normal for profit company.

Now remember that you will also have to deal with City, State and Federal Laws, Regulations, Licenses and Permits as well. Our Consultants can help you find the information you need before you make any major decisions.

We can also help you to create a website and get your company on-line on the internet as soon as possible. Just contact us.

Join the Actions for Justice ( AXJ ) Global News Network and start your own on-line business by signing our license agreement.

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