This map shows where states stand on the extra $300 weekly unemployment benefits

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency, which is overseeing program funding, had approved 13 states to offer the extra unemployment benefits as of around noon ET on Friday. 

Those states are: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Utah.

Seven others — Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Indiana, Texas and West Virginia  have applied— a FEMA spokeswoman said Thursday. 

Officials in around 10 other states have signaled their intent to apply for the aid in recent days. South Dakota has said it will not apply for the subsidy. 

States approved for aid are guaranteed just three weeks of funding, with payments back-dated to the week ended Aug. 1. However, they may get more aid, depending on how many states apply and how quickly the money is drawn down. 

Not all unemployed workers are eligible for the payments. Those currently getting less than $100 a week in unemployment benefits won’t receive the assistance — amounting to thousands of people, and perhaps more than 1 million.

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